Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Doggie Love: Bebe does it again!

Bebe won FIRST PLACE in the Little Beasts Halloween costume contest. I get a hoodie from this site and a BT sticker YAY! I am so proud of the little butt, she's done good.

I chose this design for my sweatshirt by the way:

I cannot describe in words how much ass this design kicks. I am becoming a crazy boston terrier lady lol.

But we're not stopping here. Oh come now, we CAN'T stop here. We've entered her in The 4th annual World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show on Dogster.com...

So get out there and vote for the banana monkey!

Click on the picture to vote on all her entries and tell a friend to vote too!

Please vote for Me at The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show

And for fun (and *cough cough* bragging rights and adulation)...here are Bebe's other winnings to date:

1st Place - November 2008
Winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to www.dog.com
also $100 to the rescue of their choice

I could get addicted to this winning stuff, lol...

p.s. I did leave my camera at work. I have LOTS of pictures to upload and edit...*sigh* too many things to do, not enough time gah!

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