Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election time again.

I have a message for people going to vote: PLEASE do not jibber jabber on your cell phone while waiting in line. It's very annoying to the people around you. I had to listen to some weirdo behind me talking about Andy and Dave and their Wall St. corruption tale and then he went of to talk about wanting some guy to ask him to play golf for like 10 years and the guy finally did and he cried and other nonsensical stuff., no one wants to hear your life story while waiting in a long ass line. Also, to all the elderly people out there: Stop trying to make us feel sorry for you with your walkers, orthopedic shoes, and such. I'm just as tired and weary as you are but I have to stand my happy ass in the long line anyway. MY feet hurt, My knees hurt, my back realllly hurts but I don't get a free pass. It may be harsh, but it's how I feel damnit...AND to the lady who wore the McCain/Palin shirt, SUCK MY ASS (after a looongggggg runny poop that I had 2 hrs earlier that I had to wipe my asshole about 20 times before the tissue was clean *whew* I'd feel the same if it were an Obama shirt before McCain fans accuse me of bias) It's just asking to get people riled up and I'm surprised that no one kicked her ass. You should be ashamed of yourself, lady...and that old lady that is a friend of yours that you helped get to the front of the long ass line, she lied when she told you your chili was soooo good. I think your chili sucks and I've never even tasted it! Ha! Take that!

but thank you all for voting nonetheless...

see I can be nice *squinty smile*

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