Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Me and my friend/coworker got into a huge fight at work today. There was yelling, there was cursing, doors were slammed...the whole shebang.

I think sometimes it's good to yell and get it out. I definitely feel closer to her now. We made up so now I can laugh at the dumb things we said.

exhibit A

me: just SHUT UP!
her: NO!
me: if you don't shut up I'm going to come across that table and smack your ass!!
her: come on then! *huff*
me: *evil eyes* Oh I'd break you so don't EVEN tempt me...
her: *crickets*

I think I called her a stupid whore and a bitch a few times too. I have NO clue why I'd call her that because she's none of those things. I think my anger just takes over. We have both been dealing with a lot of stress at work and at home so maybe we just needed a release.

The funniest part of this is that my boss and some other coworkers were right outside the door and once I left the room they all had that look on their face like WTF!? I talked to my boss and she was cool about it so at least we still have jobs :D

If you ever read this, my friend, like I said...I'm sorry and I love you. We are so different but so much a like at the same time. What are we gonna do with ourselves? ;)

This song's for you...

My Friends...Red Hot Chili Peppers

My friends are so depressed
I feel the question
Of your loneliness
Confide...`cause Ill be on your side
You know I will, you know I will

X girlfriend called me up
Alone and desperate
On the prison phone
They give her 7 years
For being sad...

I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely too
When you don't know yourself

My friends are so distressed
And standing on
The brink of emptiness
No words...I know of to express
This emptiness

I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely too
When you don't know yourself

Imagine me taught by tragedy
Release is peace
I heard a little girl
And what she said
Was something beautiful
To give... your love
No matter what

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