Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I WISH I Wore Today!

want the pencil shoes sooooooooo bad!!

(all items are from ModCloth)

7 lovely readers said...:

la princesita said...

the shirt is lovely too! (L)

cuppy said...

HOLY ZOMG !!!!! Where on earth can one acquire that adorable owl bag & those F A N T A S T I C pencil shoes ??? *faints*

Melly Kay said... all the way


& it's a fox (or an owl dressed up as a fox lol ;))

Courtney said...

Those pencil shoes kill me they are soo cute!!!

little j. said...

Polyvore is a dangerous thing. :)

Melly Kay said...

lol i made this on photoshop myself...polyvore gives me a headacke.

Bee said...

i wish i wore that too!