Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting ready to redo my blog!

So please excuse any willy wonkaness you see ♥ (and if I haven't forgot about the team of writers thing...just trying to figure out how I want to do what so those of you who had interest, bear with me...i'm slow lol.)


p.s. I really want to move to Portland. anyone need a roomie? lol but 4real anyone live there and can give me some advice on affordable (but not dangerous) living and all that jazz?? Obviously I'm going to do my own research but advice from people who live(d) there always helps. I am ready to move out of Memphis sooooo bad it itches!

5 lovely readers said...:

Gwen said...

everyones moving to portland!
makes me wanna go haha
ive heard such good things

Mandi @ make it dear said...

good luck with the redesign!

Stevie said...
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Stevie said...

Yay, you would live close to me (I live in Washington)!!!

Kim said...

I DREAM of moving to Washington or Oregon- I have only been out there twice,but both times I felt like I had come home and it was so hard to leave! If I were not married I would say I would move there with you in a second!