Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seven Secrets

I've been tagged by Wischer Studio to share 7 secrets, so hereeeeee we go:

1. At 29 years old, I've never been to the "lady" doctor. :/ I know, I know. I'm going soon and I'm freaking out.

2. I think about leaving everything behind, running away, and starting a new life somewhere.

3. I spit in someone's contact lens case one time when they pissed me off. (BAD Melly, BAD!) Never told them...still won't tell them. Yes I can be evil and yes their lenses were in there and I know it was wrong but sometimes revenge just feels GREAT!

4. None of my coworkers know that customize dolls or that I'm into Blythe or that I blog or anything like that & I LOVE that! It feels like having a big secret that they could stumble upon at anytime. It's kind of exhilarating for me some reason. If/when they do know, I won't's just fun to have a secret I think!

5.  I am becoming even more of a loner these days and it doesn't bother me anymore :/

6. I spend more on my dolls (& customizing supplies) than I do on myself :/ I've been in the hobby for a year and I've probably spent over $1500 or more :O

7. I l ike dogs more than people. I know it might be weird but I definitely think I will be the little old lady who lives alone with 20 dogs haha. They're just so much easier to deal with!

I tag anyone who read this to do it and please share you links!

5 lovely readers said...:

Deer Little Fawn said...

Me too for 2,4,5 and 7. :)
Don't worry about #1, you'll be fine and it's for the best!
:) xx

Sophie St Vicious said...

I loved reading those :)

Jingle said...

I like dogs better than people most of the time, too. Thanks for sharing these secrets!

GraphXGrrl said...

Fun! I went ahead and did it to:

i-zilla said...

#3 made me laugh out loud. mostly because i did something similar once that i will also take to the grave. yay for delinquency!