Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NEW Nacho Stuffie
Shevon + Nacho is a super cute shop where they're all about handmade stuffies! It all started about 5 years ago when her best bud Nacho (an English Bulldog) couldn't fly home for Christmas, so she made a stuffie of him for all her friends and family. The response was out of this world! People started asking for custom orders of their own pets.

While everything was going great, something unexpected happened....ZOMBIES happened!!!
Zombie Tea Bag
Zombie Coffee Mug
Zombie Carrot

Aren't the adorable!!! I really love their expressions :)


I am so freaking in LOVE with Shevon's stuffies! They are so adorable and well-made :) i am going to go broke supporting all these awesome shops! But it's so worth it to have something so special, you know? Now I have a hard decision: coffee cup or tea bag zombie? both? ;P

To see more of Shevon + Nacho's super cute stuffies or read her blog, get to clicking!


4 lovely readers said...:

Life Through a Polariod Picture said...

So lovely!!! Thanks!!!

Cherry Red Studio said...

i do love her stuffies and her blog too :)

Kim said...

zombie tea bag for sure! How flippin awesome is he????? Cutest stuffies ever!!!!

M.M.E. said...

I can't believe how detailed and gorgeously stitched they are! She is so talented. I wish I could sew like that.