Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking for cute tees? Check out Otsunaaji!

Otsunaaji, meaning "Spicy Taste" in Japanese, is an online store dedicated to producing designs for fans of anime, gaming and to those that adore anything cute or unique in nature! Otsunaaji was created by Monique Smith who is a graphic web designer with a Bachelor of Science in interactive media and an avid anime fan!

I love Monique's cute shirt designs and I've posted my favorites below :) They come in all kinds of different styles and colors  too. I just love the "sweet ecstasy" shirt. The little creatures are called Pomkenies and they are just adorable! 

If you'd like to contact Monique or buy one of her awesome shirts, I've got linky love for you!



1 lovely readers said...:

Gwen said...

oh man..i NEED that watching Anime one...

c'os it seriously does keep me sane!

did you go to school for graphics or did you just learn on your own?
I am really curious..