Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Heart Cute Dudes!

My new love interest...Travis (or Travie as he calls himself) McCoy!!!

I would say he is exactly "my type"...he's  lanky, has a lot of tattoos, big plugs in his ears, he's super talented, mega creative, funny, and super duper hawwwwt. If you don't know him, he is a member of Gym Class Heroes and he just did his own solo album too. You can read more about him here, here, and here.

Marry me Travie!!!! (but don't tell Kid Cudi, mkay!? Wouldn't want him to get jealous now would we hee hee ;))

he's SEXY!

he doesn't mind kids putting their fingers through his plugs :D

He has a Frenchie named Stitch <3 

He loves Red Foxx and even has a doll <3

he tattoos!! <3 <3

he has Hall & Oates tattoos yo! <3

mmm mmm mmmmm. I could look at pics of him allll day ;) Stayed tuned for the next edition of "I Heart Cute Dudes" where I'll feature another Travis who is equally tattooed and HAWT...Travis Barker!! 

Until then, who are you crushin' on right now??

(all photos credited to traviesblog)

5 lovely readers said...:

MeeshOne.Love said...

girl, i have celeb crushes on the travis' for sure!! thanks for posting pictures to make me smile so early in the morning!

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

he's adorable with his frenchie!!! love the pic!!!

Brittany Lane said...

i was just wearing my gch shirt earlier today.:)

little j. said...

I LOVE TRAVIS MCCOY!!! My friend thinks that my boyfriend looks like a white version of him which makes me smile so much haha :)

And I agree. Travis & Kid Cudi. FAVES.

Sandra Valerie said...

mr. mccoy is RAWR!