Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Wishlist.

 (via fred flare)

Kawaii Animals Wristlet
(via the dainty squid)

 "The Classic" birthday cake (or cupcakes) from Muddy's!

a boston terrier puppy!

 Girl Skateboard's Hello Kitty board! *drool*

a sweet pink bike!

a frankie.DARLING custom Blythe *swoon*

 ANYTHING from Decole! *double swoon*

I turn 29 on august 26th! woo hoo :D

6 lovely readers said...:

ICantPayMyFines said...

please explain decole. it looks amazingly cute!

mrs.adrienneK said...

eeep its all so cute! but yes whats deocle? looks cute !!!

Melly Kay said...

Decole is a Japanese brand that makes all kinds of kawaii stuff..they're one of the brands that got me really into collecting kawaii stuff but yet I don't have much from them. I have a tea pot and not much else :(

With Love, Jamie said...

I love the wristlet! I love all of her stuff though! :)

bee. said...

your wishlist looks pretty good to me!!

Mrs. April said...

Awwww, Boston Terriers! My grandpa had three of them. I used to just lay down on the floor and roll around with them. They were so cute! One of them, a little fat girl named Susan, always used to lick my face and then snort really loud. She was adorable. =)