Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sk8tr Chick

My little sk8ter girl xD
Gaga convinced me to buy her a skateboard. *I* don't even have a skateboard, lol. I want one soooo bad! :D

I know I've been doll crazy lately so I promise some non-doll related topics soooon. I've been MIA because I've been dog sitting. Stay tuned for pics of the cutest dog ever!


7 lovely readers said...:

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

she's so cute with her skate!!! rock on !!! ;)

Ladybastard said...

she's adorable!

jacque said...

love the red hair...but i might be biased.

love the personalities you've given the girls in your flickr acct!! gaga is a brat! :p

Green Pickles said...

She looks cooL!


GraphXGrrl said...

She looks super cute!

Kim said...

She is soooo stinking cute- I love her new hair so much! I say there can never be too many doll posts!!

Jeff said...

Amy here-on Jeff's laptop
Wow! That is such a cutie! Skateboard is perfection!!!