Monday, May 31, 2010

I-Zilla's Memorial Day Giveaway!

First, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY people :D We had our good friend's over last night and we grilled out. I made grilled chicken sanwiches topped with homemade guacamole, buttery monterey cheese, lettuce and tomato...all piled on kaiser rolls. O-M-G it was goooood!  We had Zapp's chips on the side mm mm mmmm. We had so much fun especially because we had 6 dogs running everywhere lol.. It was crazy but so much fun and the blood orange margaritas certainly helped hehehe. Today we are going to hang out and enjoy a day off! Now on to the giveaway!
i-zilla is giving away these super cute litte rose earrings. I think they are soooo adorable and sweet. If you'd like the chance to win, simply leave her a comment with your email address in THIS post and you're entered. (Extra entries for blogging about it.) You have until June 6th to sign up :D

strawberry shortcake ice cream bar not included ;)

3 lovely readers said...:

carly. said...

mmmm those ice cream bars are SO good :D i had them all the time as a kid...

i-zilla said...

of course they're not included, my greedy ass ate them all! :) thanks for reblogging!

Jeff said...

Yes! AWESOME eats, missy!! Hey I found a website you might It is kindof a blog type site...I know how u b likin' the bloggin'