Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Mondays: Melly's Top 10

For the next several Music Mondays, I will feature my "Top 10" favorites musicians of all time! It's extremely hard for me to narrow it down to 10, but I'd have to say these are the ones I always come back to no matter what else comes along. Let's see if we have any in common :)

Today's pick: System Of A Down

SOAD is my favorite band of all time! I love them because their music has a message and they encourage people to THINK. They also have an amazing genre-bending sound that is so intricate and well-developed. I still remember how I got introduced to this band. I was posting on Okayplayer and I asked people to share new music with me. RawLa (hey dude if you ever read this, it's Mkim!) said I should listen to SOAD's Toxicity. I did and I was hooked! I'd never heard anything like it! They are currently on hiatus (have been since '06) but all members seem to be doing solo projects. Front man Serj Tankian has some amazing songs on his solo album Elect The Dead. His solo stuff is amazing but I won't give up hope for a reunion one day! I've listed some of my favorite SOAD songs below, enjoy! Any other SOAD fans out there?? 


Happy Monday yall! Let's make this week a GREAT one!

p.s. The boy has been out of town since Saturday and I must say that even though I miss him, this alone time is grrrrrrrreat! I've been watching movies, working on my Blythe doll's reroot (more on that later), and just hanging with Bebe and Sasha. It's been rainy here so I didn't get out over the weekend, boo! But it's okay because there's just something about having the house to yourself, you know?? :D I think he gets back Tuesday...the details are kind of fuzzy because he road up to NC with his dad but he might have to take the Greyhound back if they don't find him a car. (his dad is supposed to buy him a used car since his car is basically dead) But anyway, the bus trip will take 12 hours so I don't know exactly when he'll be back...depends on if he gets a car or not. Keep your fingers crossed for him! Also, keep your fingers crossed that his dad can fix our laptop too so I can get off of this ancient computer! 

p.p.s  If you're reading this punkster, *huggies* miss you!

6 lovely readers said...:

Stevie said...

I love me some SOAD, awesome pic!

jacque said...

ugh, mel! you just made me drop $10 on itunes! dang it! :p

Rhi-Mixx said...

Ahh SOAD, an ex boyfriend left his tape in my old car, I got rid of the boyfriend but kept the tape ^_^

Toxicity is now my speciality whilst singing on Rock Band lol.

Melly Kay said...

yay glad to see there are other fans out there!

Jax - hehehe ;)

Rhi-Mixx - LOL!!! I love that ;) I sang Chop Suey on Rock Band and got a perfect score :D

Missy said...

thank you so much for posting these videos, they brought back so many fun memories. I've thought I was an oddity being so twee in my style and likes but loving heavy music like SOAD...thanks for showing me I'm not alone :)

Love Missy

Melly Kay said...

you're welcome Missy! I was kind of wondering how my readers would react to SOAD because they are so metal and hardcore at times...their style is so unique and I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE it! You're definitely not alone ;)

I'm glad SOAD is getting so much loveeee :D