Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Photodump

The Red & Teal Edition 
I've been seeing this color combo floating around the blogosphere A LOT lately and I must admit I'm smitten!

all images via we heart it

 i hope you have a fabulous weekend! remember to get out and do something fun! time's a wastin' :P

6 lovely readers said...:

Ashlotte said...

Ooh very pretty! You're right, that color combo has been everywhere lately. Love it!

Jingle said...

I {heart} red and teal!!! They just make me happy together!

Courtney said...

I've been loving this combo for years! It's so Martha.

MeeshOne.Love said...

i think its very native...turquoise and coral...i love seeing recycled culture as trends!

Anna Patricia said...

Nice set! How did you find all these? It looks good all together :)


Melly Kay said...

Anna Patricia, I just went to and searched for red and teal ;)

Meesh - now that you mention it, I can totally see that! very cool :)

Courtney - It is so Martha lol