Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Kick Ass Giveaway!

The ever so stylish and talented Alexz over at Bird Trouble is hosting a giveaway with 7 winners! Up for grabs: 2 Bird Trouble creations & 5 thrifted/vintage items!! The generosity is just oozing in the blogosphere right now isn't it? I love it! Head on over there and enter to (hopefully) win!

3 lovely readers said...:

Mosquito Head Madchen said...

hahahahha!! It's 1.16am, i'll have to wake up in 5 hours.. and i'm in front of my laptop entering giveaways... it's your fault!! :D


Melly Kay said...

LOL!!! soweee ;) but hey if you win it'll be so worth it!

Windsor Grace said...

Thanks for alerting me to the contest! Your blog is so awesome and adorable. I smile when I come to your page