Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Baby Shower Gift Idea!

diaper cake (front)

diaper cake (back)
I totally forgot to share this with you guys (bad Melly, bad!). I made this for my friend's baby shower a few weeks ago. It's a three tier diaper cake :D I saw this online a long time ago and never had a need to make one until now. I took newborn baby diapers and rolled them up and tied them...I had to do about 50, WHEW! Then I made three levels and tied each together and taped the levels together. Then I stuffed little wash cloths, baby lotion, and baby bath soap that were on her registry. I got her some burp towels and a few other things and I made her brownies with white chocolate chips, mmmm. The little rubber ducky is the cutest thing! It tells you if the water is too hot for cool is that!? The letters H-O-T are on the bottom and if it's too hot they turn white. Love that ;)
♥ MK

8 lovely readers said...:

cupcake cutie said...

awwww that is such a cute idea! i love it!

and guess whatttt!@#$


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& send me your address when you get a chance love!

Kim said...

so cute!

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Aww how nice of you! :)
I hope I get something cute like this at my baby shower lol!

jacque said...

i made one for my niece a few years back. i had a LOT of fun with it (as i'm sure you did!).

looks super cute, mel! i'm sure she'll love it.

Robin Shannehan said...


i-zilla said...

are all the levels of the cake connected? wow what a cute idea!

p.s. i'm doing my first giveaway, you should enter!

Melly Kay said...

yep i-zilla...they are taped together underneath the levels :)

i'm entering now!

Rhi-Mixx said...

wow that's so awesome. Were did you get the little Hot Water Ducky? I would love to get one for my nephew - cute and practical! xx