Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gifts From Sarah @ Teapots & Cakestands!

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Prezzies from Sarah! Vintage Avon Bottles
Prezzies from Sarah! Vintage Avon Bottles
Vintage Avon bottles! I collect them and I'm so happy to have these!! The baby basset hound is my favorite :)

Prezzies from Sarah! Vintage postcards & mushroom punch outs
vintage postcards & mushroom stickers. LOVE these!

Prezzies from Sarah! green floral vintage scarf
Prezzies from Sarah! brown floral vintage scarf
Prezzies from Sarah! blue foral vintage scarf
Prezzies from Sarah! blue rose foral scarf
vintage scarves!! I love these and the fact that they came from a personal collection makes them sooooooooo special :)

Thank you so much Sarah!!

6 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

I love them all but the scarves--swoooon!! Beautiful gifts!!

Windsor Grace said...

Question. Do you go thrifting a lot? I love your finds. I think I'm missing out by not thrifting. Like, when I go, I feel like everything's dirty. Maybe I'm missing a thrifting bone?

sarahe said...

yay! so glad you loved them all! they look so much fancier in your pictures than they did in my home ;)

Melly Kay said...

I know Kim!! I look at them all the time and smile :D they are so special!

WG -- I do go thrifting a lot but not as much as I should!! there is so much great vintage stuff out there just waiting to be found :) I always find the greatest things and usually it's all really clean. You'd be surprised how some things are in excellent condition and all they need is a good wipe down. You just have to look past the dirt and dive in!

love it all sarah!!

Anonymous said...

oh how darling <3

j.con said...

Thank you for following my blog! If it weren't for that, I may not have found YOUR AMAZING BLOG.
I'm about to enter your giveaway. You'll be seeing me creepin' on here more, I assure! :)

xox Jenny