Friday, March 26, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

The Blythe Edition!

I wanna go to this party!!

I pierced her ears!
I pierced Gaga's ears!! She's wearing my old 10 gauge barbells now ;)

I love her hair :)

loveeeee the beautiful carved lips and nose on this doll!!

best blythe picture EVER! hahaha!

Elliot, the cutest custom boy blythe I've ever seen! I think I want to make a boy too!

I'm a sucker for a Blythe in glasses ;)

♥ ♥ ♥
What made you smile this week?

7 lovely readers said...:

rudoo said...

Arghhhh!! You are so making me want a little Blythe!! I need to start another clolection like I need a hole in my head :-/ But, for the heck of it, can you tell me where I can go read up on her?

CupcakeSniper said...

omg these are sooo cute! I love them and the one with the poop!! that's freaking hilarious!!

Melly Kay said...

rudoo -

there's tons of places that talk about blythe so just dive in!

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

I did not know they had Black Blythe Dolls! Omg I really have to get one now! Thanks now that's on my wishlist! That tea party on is really cute though! :)

Melly Kay said...

they don't make them have to customized them ;)

i-zilla said...

the poop picture is lolz! i love the polka dot eyeshadow on the one blythe. that's really cool idea!

GraphXGrrl said...

It looks like they gave the boy Robert Pattinson hair. haha