Friday, January 8, 2010

Miniature Love: Love Is In The Air

I love every single thing about this picture! Mini heart-shaped cookies! *swoon*

I wanted to wait and post this picture on Valentine's Day but I couldn't! It's just too cute not to share & I haven't posted about miniature food in a while! I miss making minis so much. My studio is still not quite set up so I'm having to wait *pout* But I logged on to Flickr today and saw this beautiful photo in my contact's list. This lovely miniature heart cookie scene was done by Kim Saulter of It's A Miniature Life. She is my #1 most favorite miniature food artisan....and to have her tell me she liked my work was the ultimate compliment. SHe is one of the main reasons I wanted to start working with polymer clay. She is sooooooo incredibly talented and her tiny 1/12th scale creations and imagery make you want to reach through the screen and dive into Kim's magical little world :D Her miniature food looks so real...the details are so minute that you will be amazed! Please please please do yourself a real favor and visit Kim's blog and flickr. You will be taken to a fairytale land :D

2 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

these are so gorgeous!! i have done a tiny amount of work w/polymer clay..specifically those family tree ornaments that you personalize, but I would love to try more things. your stuff AMAZES me--that is for sure!

kimsminiatures said...

Hi Melly Kay, Thanks so much for all your kind words and for your post. So glad you enjoy my blog and miniatures. They are such a source joy for me. Your work is lovely and I'm sure you share the joy that comes with making mini creations. I bake in real size alot too! I just love food. I can look at pictures of food especially baked goods all day. I have the food network channel on all the time. Your new house is so charming and wonderful. I know you will make it lovely. Congratulations! Thanks again! Hugs~ Kim