Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Officially On Vacation! "OH YEAH!" -The Kool-Aid Man & Macho Man Randy Savage

That's right...11 days of vacation! I love working with the doggies but it's exhausting so a little r&r from the day job is just what I need right now. You would think the last day for a while would be drama free but no, it wasn't *sigh* One good thing did happen though, one of our clients catered our lunch today from yummy yummy Panera bread. It's my first time having it and I really liked it. Their cookies are humogoid too O_O (I have had so much sugar this holiday season, I am getting sick of it............kinda *evil grin*

I received some loveRly gifts from my coworkers too! I got a Hello Kitty Ornament and stocking, a black light/flashlight combo (gag gift because I said I would love to take a black light and go over our floors at work lol), Coldstone Creamery flavored jelly beans, gummisavers, and sour patch kids too!

I got my favorite coworker this awesome print from henri hopper on Etsy. She has a frenchie (who is also Bebe's boyfriend) so I figured she'd love it and she did!

Bebe got awesome gifts too. Here's one of them:
Bebe vs Ralphie
She looks like a pink nightmare!! (If you've seen A Christmas Story, you know what I'm talking about!)

The Pink Nightmare
How funny is this little suit though!? I LOVE it...the inside of the hood is a pink and white polka dot fabric that is so adorable and it has matching bunny slippers too! (It's going to take some finesse to get those on Bebe because she hates stuff on her feet.)

Here's the pink bunny suit scene for your Christmas enjoyment ;)

It's almost Christmas y'all!! I can't wait to watch ^^ movie, drink cocoa and sit in front of the fire :)

What magical moments are you looking forward to?? Is it snowing where you are? If so, trade with meee! I want a white Christmassss, waaaaahhhhh ricky! :P

3 lovely readers said...:

mrs.adrienneK said...

omg cute wittle doggie face!!!!

Sophie St Vicious said...

the cutest suit ever!

happy christmas & hope your vacation days are magical :)

Kim said...

oh yeah- we got the snow! I have not left the house for 2 days- just look at how pretty it is out the window :) It's windy so that makes it a little cold to play in. Bebe looks adorable in that suit!! Have a terrific vacation!!