Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Landlord Is Batty Pt. 2

So after having a relatively good day at work for once, I come home from work and get out of the car and out comes my landlord. (We live in a duplex and she's on the other side for those who didn't read this post.) First of all she's wearing a sweatshirt with a jean vest over it with grey sweatpants and a fisherman's hat and her Mrs. Claus glasses (exhibit A). In my head I'm like, "hmmm. this can't be good" I get Bebe out of the car and head to the door...

her: uhhh...Mel...did you call somebody on me?
me: uhhh *really confused pause* noooo...
her: *blank stare*
me: *even blanker stare back*
me: what is it? (referring to the letter she had in her hands)
her: something about I need to move my stuff off the property (meaning her stuff off of the cemetery next door that she bulldozed to widen her property...which is HIGHLY illegal i'm sure)
me: i didn't call the city on anybody *dismissive chuckle*
her: *staring in an i-don't-believe-you-way*
me: well is there anything else because you're not going to believe me either way...

she starts to walk off, mumbling under her breath and I loudly call her a stupid bitch and go inside...

I know I shouldn't have but she pissed me off soooo bad. It's bad enough she thinks we called the city on her but it really makes me mad when she basically accuses me of lying about it. I don't like being called a liar...especially by a blatant liar you know? She's lied to us plenty of times and if I was going to call the city on her I would have done it three years ago! She is just batshit insane...all the letters she got from the city are about HER property but she still seems to think that it was our backyard that was the problem. Well we cleaned our backyard thoroughly earlier this week and she still got another letter today. So that proves it's her side and she still can't get that...because that would mean she isn't perfect. It's kind of sad actually because she's so far gone in her delusional thoughts she can't see reality.

I'll be so glad when we move! She's on the other side slamming things right now and I'm over here listening to my music...loudly ;)

I'll leave you with a big dose of CRAZY since it seems to be going around! Remember this lady from Trading Spouses? I saw her on The Tonight Show shortly after this aired and she was really cool and funny but still a little nutty lol.

2 lovely readers said...:

mel said...

poor Melanye :(

Kim said...

I hope you can find somewhere new to live-no one wants to be surrounded by crazy. I remember this woman- it's one of the few trading spouses I actually watched. It was like a car accident- you knew you should change the channel, but you just couldn't look away!

Hope you have a good weekend Melanye! My package arrived and I want to say a HUGE thank you!! I cannot believe all you sent- and I was having such a bad week- it made me cry!! You are a wonderful friend- I'm going to try to blog about it all today! Thank you soooo much!!!!!!