Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sparkle Is My Crack Love!

 Laughing Caramel Apple Charms
I got an email from the wonderfully fabulous Lisa Kate of the Sparkle is My Crack blog! She was inspired by my kawaii caramel apple charms and created a beautiful make up look. Isn't that awesome? She translated the colors into a beautiful make-up palette and I am just in awe of her make-up skills! Please show her some love and check out Lisa Kate's super fun blog to see pictures of the charm-inspired make up look and a lot more!

She also has a cute etsy store, Sparkle Heart Bows where she sells adorable hair bows, brooches, and other charming bobbles :) Check that out too!

2 lovely readers said...:

Lisa said...

Super cool!

Kim said...

wow- she looks awesome in those colors too. I suck at putting on make-up--I always admire gals that are good at it. It's an art form I think :)