Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scraptastic Freebie: Amanda's Amazing Fall Kit!


One thing you may not know about me is that I'm a HUGE fan of digital scrapbooking. (Surprised?) I used to be into it really heavy a few years ago. I still love it, but miniatures and kawaii, character centered stuff has kind of taken over my mind right now. I hope to get back into it as a "for fun" hobby soon. I think it's amazing what people can do and I'm always inspired by the majorly talented digi-scrappers out there...like Amanda from the Kevin and Amanda blog! She has so graciously created a beautiful fall digi-scrap kit inspired by the colors in her new fall scarf. It's just so pretty :) The scalloped buttons are my favorite embellishments!

I have been a fan of Amanda's for a while now. She is one of those ladies who is seems good at everything and seems to be able to do it all and manage to look great and keep a gorgeous, immaculate house while doing it! (and you don't secretly hate her for it LOL.) You love her even more because she's so inspiring! Aside from digi-scrap, the Kevin and Amanda blog offers great recipes, great pictures, and free fonts too! They also have two awesome Boston Terriers named Miley and Howie. They have their own special site called Monster Paparazzi! It shares all their exciting adventures in agility, swimming, play dates, and so much more. It's really really cute and you KNOW I love Bostons so yes I'm biased!

If you'd like to download this great kit, visit Kevin and Amanda right now and get it!

4 lovely readers said...:

Lisa said...

NICE! And look at you getting all spookalicious! LOVE the new look!

You need to give me a few pointers! ;)

Kim said...

Wow- love the new look too- that ice cream cone is awesome! I wish I knew how to digital scrapbook- I'm heading over to her links to take a look around- thanks!!!

Aralka said...

Scrapbook is very nice.
Digital too.
My mum likes to do scrapbook but in real. She sometimes buys goodies to make it. :)

sarahe said...

i love scrapbooking, paper and digital. this is super cute~!