Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
    The boy wants BBBbbbrrRRRaaaaAAaiiiIINnnnnsssSSSssssssss

I wanted to do a extravagant Halloween post but of course I'm sick! UGH :( I didn't wake up this morning until 2:00 pm and I felt horrible. I think I'm getting a respiratory infection because of the weather. It keeps going from freezing to hot over and over again. So I'm staying in tonight and I hope I'll feel well enough to take pictures of Bebe in her costume tomorrow. The boy is going to the party by himself and he wanted to go as a zombie. So he ripped and bloodied up his clothing and I did his make up. He looks so creepy lol. I hope you're all having a wonderful Halloween and eating lots of yummy candy!! Be safe ;) I'm going to shower and drink some hot tea...maybe I can catch a scary movie on tv so my night isn't a complete bust :P

Bebe didn't know what to think of her daddy all dressed up. She would bark at him and them wiggle her butt when he would talk to her. She was confused LOL. Here he is attempting to eat her brains ehehehehehe. She wasn't so sure about the whole thing as she values her brains ;)


6 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

aww, feel better!

Bird Trouble said...

CUTEST picture ever. I know it's supposed to be creepy but I enjoy zombies... and zombies being cute with dogs is just too adorable for me. ahahahah I know, I'm sick. Not literally sick like you are (sad face) but I'm sick. I hope you get better. Drink tea and sleep a lot!! Don't feel bad because you're not alone, I'm staying in for Halloween too.

Sophie St Vicious said...

Great job on makeup
Hope you're feeling better soon x

GraphXGrrl said...

Hope you start feeling better!

That picture is hilarious! :D

April said...

He looks great, that is super creepy makeup/fake blood. Feel better soon! I'm so sick of this flip flop weather too, can't it just get cold and stay cold!?

Kim said...

oh no Bebe- run, run, run!!!!!

I hope you feel better really soon and you are not overcome by zombie boys and zombie dogs!

Take care Melayne!!!!! Wish I lived close enough to bring you yummy homemade chicken soup ♥