Monday, September 7, 2009

Save the Date Made Awesome!

Our friend is getting married!
The boy and I have a friend named Gary and he is getting married! Gary is one of the most awesome people you will ever meet. He makes me laugh so hard! He is also a talented artist and I believe right now he's doing metal work. Anywho, they sent us a "save the date" reminder a while back and I forgot to share it with you. It's really the MOST so I had to share! Don't you just love it!? I love her dress and the color is just gorgeous. As for Gary's's perfectly Gary! (If I saw him wearing it on regular day I wouldn't blink twice lol) I love everything about this little card and really want to have it framed :)

We just got the actual wedding invitation last week and OMG they're having a masquerade ball reception!! I can't wait to take pictures of that, haha. The boy dressed up like that is going to be hawt *evil grin*

3 lovely readers said...:

sohobutterfly said...

They look like the funnest couple. The wedding reception is going to be so fantastic! I cannot wait to see the pics you take either! YAY!

April said...

Um, we're friends with Gary & Elizabeth too! "it's a small world after all..."

Mellz said...

April that is WEIRD!! It is a very small world haha.