Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Month To Remember: September '09

Here's a few on the many things that made my September!
  • lunchables - i ate these things for like a week straight for lunch.
  • nerdy glasses on boys with facial piercings (random, i know)
  • Juicy Jim's - a local eatery that has philly cheese steaks with grilled pepperoni OH EM GEE GOOD! best.sandwich.evaaaaaar!
  • local graffiti - this is on the side of Whatever (a local shop). so inspiring!
graffiti @ whatever
  •  wine (lots of winnneee) - wine keeps me sane I think
  •  Hello Kitty @Target! I bought the ones on the far right
  • strawberry pop tarts w/ frosting - yummy for the tummy, horrible on my expanding waistline

  • Community - a new show on NBC with my future babydaddy, Joel McHale!

  •  cute halloween stuff on etsy! like this, that, and these...
  •  FALL arriving! yay it's fall, yay it's fall YAYYYY!
  • sick for cute - Apple Noggin Pink Bear Clips, KidPirate BOO! Ladies Tee (twinkie chan yo!), KidPirate Umbrella Ghost Tee (and yes that's me wearing it, haha. so funny me and twinkie are looking the same direction), Sugar & Spikes Green YumYum Necklace. I love that Sick For Cute features lots of different artists who make adorable stuff! Maybe one day I'll be on there who knows (wishful thinking never hurts!!)
me @ the park
  • not caring as much about my "imperfections" - who really cares is my new motto!
  •  meaningful conversations with the boy
  • magic moments (some may call them coincidences)
  • Drake ft. Trey Songz - Successful...oh em gee. love it! I've been listening to it non-stop.

    •  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia RETURNS! New episodes YES!!!
    • Puddin' - She sure knows how to smile for a picture, LOL!

    ♥ What did YOU really enjoy this month?? Leave a comment and let me know! ♥

    6 lovely readers said...:

    April said...

    Um, where is this Juicy Jim's & why have I not heard of it?! It's funny you mention the Pop Tarts because I have been flat out craving strawberry Pop Tarts for WEEKS but still haven't bought any. September has been super busy for me but my favorite thing this month was going to Chicago to Renegade Craft Fair.

    Kim said...

    Awesome post! I really enjoyed going to the state fair this month and eating lots of bad food :)
    I also enjoyed the apples turning red on the trees, getting a good hair-cut, new closets that clothes actually fit in(even if they are not finished yet), my nephews birthday party and meeting my new niece.

    Always good to take a moment to remember the great things in life- thanks!!

    Off to the store to get strawberry Pop Tarts now♥

    GraphXGrrl said...

    - pumpkin muffins
    - s'more brownies
    - the new season of 'Bones' starting!
    - everyone being inspired by Fall

    Melanye K. said...

    April -- Juicy Jim's is on the corner or Walker and S. Highland. SOOOO GOOD!! I wish I could have gone to the craft fair, so jelly!!

    Kim -- haha I've been to like 3 or 4 fairs since August and I've eat soooo much bad food :D I see the pop tarts are loved by everyone lol!

    GXG -- did you say pumpkin muffins!?? mmmmm!!

    cupcake cutie said...

    nerdy glasses on boys with facial piercings? yes pleaseeee. that will never get old.

    omg, i love target! & hello kitty. we don't have target in canada :( every time i go to the states i get soooo excited for targettt.

    cute post :)

    Melanye K. said...

    cupcake cutie -- i don't think i could live with out target!! how do you do it ;) i really want to visit canada one day...i hear it's awesome :)