Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Cooper-Young Festival 2009

We had a blast at the Cooper-Young Festival! The best part of all is that it didn't rain, woo hoo! Even though we didn't have a booth this year, it was still so much fun to go and eat good food and look at all the awesome handmade stuff out there. There were some amazing artists there!
Cooper-Young Festival 2009
Kris @ Cooper-Young Festival 2009 Cooper-Young Festival: Me acting random
Rico Drumming @ Cooper-Young Festival 2009
Daniel Tacker Truck for Sale: Cooper-Young Festival 2009
Cooper-Young Festival 2009
Cooper-Young Festival: PRONTO PUPS! Cooper-Young Festival 2009
top to bottom // 1. the crowd 2. the boy drinks beer 3. I act randomly crazy 4. hey there's rico! (in the white & red) 5. my favoritest vendor: Daniel Tacker  6. army truck for sale 7. The gingahbread man, yo! 8. pronto pups & sweet tea, yum! 9. the only bad part of the festival: no dogs allowed :(

For more sickeningly awesome pictures from our CYF outing, click here!

2 lovely readers said...:

apparentlyjessy said...

Now that looks like my kind of festival! I am amazed at the size of those pronto pups (Here in Australia we call them dagwood dogs!)

sohobutterfly said...

Very cool art, but why no dogs?? Ughhhhhhhhh!