Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm always late to the party...

I finally joined Twitter (even though I really didn't want to, lol) and I'll have a Facebook fan page soon too. If you want to follow LAMC on Twitter, there's a link on the sidebar! I'm not too sure what my purpose on Twitter is, but hey free advertising never hurts anything. I also added 2 blog buttons to the side bar so you can link LAMC to your blog. (I had one up before but the code wasn't working. It should be correct now, so let me know if you try to add the link to your blog roll and it's not working.)

Today has been a super lazy Sunday. I have been working on new Halloween items for the store and for upcoming Halloween events around here. Overall my schedule has not been that hectic but I've got things to do and the procrastination has to cease!

Here's what my schedule is looking like right now:

  • Goodie Bag Donations for the Speak Easy Indie Craft Show: Shopping, Music, & Booze @ Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, CA. -- almost done making my stuff for this. I will ship off the package Tuesday morning. First 50 guests receive a goodie bag so if you're in the area, check it out!
  • Business cards -- I have to make 50 for the craft show mentioned above and I don't have enough time to order them. Which means handmaking them. Uh yay? not
  • Giveaway goodies -- I have to make two minature cakes and the "mystery gift" for Typhoid Ashely and then I can pacakge up the rest of her stuff and send it off. I'm shooting for Thursday or Friday of next week.
  • WOOF! A Boston Terrier Board Halloween Card exchange -- I've got my design ready to go. Now I have to do a photoshoot with Bebe, print and cut the cards, and mail them off.
WIP stuff...
  • Add new Halloween (and non-halloween) items to the shop -- Somewhere between Sept. 15 -20...I hope to have charms, memo pads, brooches, earrings, and greeting cards and more...
  • Halloween sale -- 10 to 15% off...probably around mid-October
  • Organize craft room -- I've been putting this off for too long. I've made some small strides but it needs a complete overhaul :( this is going to suck no matter how optimistic I try to be. Maybe the boy will help me?? *wink wink* I hope to have this done by the end of October so that preparing for Christmas will be a lot easier!
Those are the main tasks I need to accomplish soon...along with fulfilling any future orders. *WHEW* This really makes me realize how much time I need to dedicate to LAMC work. I goof off TOO MUCH and it costs me every time.

So I guess that means I should get off of the computer and do something, right?? Right!

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