Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the WINNER of the giveaway is *drum roll*

Sorry I didn't post the results yesterday :( The boy is sick and he didn't feel like helping me with the cutesy vlog I wanted to do, so you'll have to deal with this lame vlog instead, LOL. I randomly assigned everyone a number on a sheet of paper and then did a random number generator thingie. Let's see who won!:

Congrats to #20 Typhoid Ashley!!!

and what's her favorite yummy dessert?: My favorite dessert? Wow, tough one. Lately my favorites have involved fruit. Chocolate dipped strawberries or mixed fruit with this AMAZING cream cheese-cool whip-marshmallow fluff dip. Satisfies the sweet tooth but I can still pretend it's healthy!

Nice choices Ashley :) I like anything chocolate dipped, especially strawberries! Thanks to everyone who entered and don't worry about it if you didn't win! They'll be plenty of giveaways to come! I just love making other people happy with free stuff, haha! Keep checking back for the next will probably be in mid-October ;)

Happy Sunday!

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