Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hammock weather, I LOVE you...

Why are we all going to work when we could be doing this?? (These are the boy's feet if you were wondering, lol.)

How's the weather where you are??

p.s. Did you notice Bebe taking a big poop to the left? haha.

4 lovely readers said...:

boredmando said...

We're slowly entering coat weather, which rocks because I totally love wearing my coats. This year we only had about a week of summer but I've still been craving fall/winter like mad.

sarahe said...

hehe--bebe looks like butchy when she poops

i'm so mad that the windows in my office don't open!

cristina said...

here in Sicily is still hot!!! and I'm slowly going mad... cos I love winter!! and rain, etc... :(
I'm really looking forward for a bit of rain... cold cold rain... :)

GraphXGrrl said...