Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bebe misses her Mama... or does she?

Hi there! This is your friendly, neighborhood guest blogger all the way from Canada, Natasha at Sohobutterfly.

When Mel asked me to guest blog, I was a little sad. I mean, WHY didn't she ask me to PUPPY SIT? Yessssssssss, that's more up my alley. I guess the cost of sending Miss Bebe all the way up to Canada to visit her Auntie Natasha didn't make sense to Mel or something. Huh, whatevs!

Being the good Auntie that I am, I decided to keep some tabs on Miss Bebe through webcams and other feats of technology. Why? Well, to see what she likes to get up to when left all alone without any Boston Terrier Certified Supervision!!

Here's the scoop:

Jelly belly

more sunbathing

painting my nails


chewing up a storm

screaming into a ball


Mama is coming home

All in all, she looks pretty content. But I think one thing is certain. She misses her Mama and cannot WAIT for her to get home. Hurry home, Mellz!!!

5 lovely readers said...:

GraphXGrrl said...

Awww! So cute!

Bird Trouble said...

CUTEST fricken post EVERRRRR.

Lauryn said...

Haha! Very creative Miss Natasha :)

Patti Meador said...

Adooooorable! Love the Jelly Belly ;)

sarahe said...

so so cute!! i need that jelly belly costume for butchy