Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's kind of like a big deal...

little miss giggles
Today I am little miss giggles because I finally worked on my packaging and it came out super cute and professional looking too!

Finally got around to packaging

a little closer (packaging)

I designed and printed the polka dot paper myself. I cut squares out to fit in the bags and then I used scalloped paper shaper scissors to up the cuteness level, hee hee. The white logo labels are simply matte cardstock cut into 2.5 x 2.5 squares. They are folded in half and then stapled to the cellobag. (I think I will use semi-gloss paper next time so that the logo pops more. The matte paper washes it out a little bit. I also think I need to invest in pink staples for a little oomph.) The cellobags came from In The Clear .

Obviously I love it, but what do you think?

3 lovely readers said...:

GraphXGrrl said...

OMG! Those are totally adorable! I love it!

Kim said...

so cute- awesome job!!!

Mellz said...

thanks yall! :D I am very proud of it, hee.