Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doggie Love: Happy Tails Books

Happy Tails Books is collecting stories about adopted dogs and compiling them into breed-specific and regional (for mixed breeds) books that support dog rescue. They want to hear from you!

Each book features a variety of sections that your dog can be featured in. The main section is comprised of a few dozen short stories (600-1200 words) about adopted dogs. Other sections include anecdotes, behavioral and medical challenges and how they were solved, recipes, and poems. Your story can be about anything regarding your dog, but most importantly should be emotional (funny, happy, sad, thought-provoking) and have a clear point.

Please visit the website, and consider forwarding this information along to your friends who have adopted dogs. Happy Tails Books is publishing 3-6 books per year and is looking for stories on purebred dogs and mixed breeds.

Happy Tails Books is committed to donating a significant portion of proceeds to dog rescue groups. They are looking for stories about all breeds, with an immediate need for stories about Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Labs, and Pit Bulls. Please send your story to at your earliest convenience!

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