Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love You Happy Bunny.

It's going to cost $265 dollars to get my air conditioning fixed in my car...could have been worse but it still sucks. I also still have to get my new tires put on too so there goes more of my savings. I know that's what savings are for but I just have a hard time letting large amounts of money go, lol.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I need the weekend BAD.

I was sitting on the curb in front of my job waiting for the boy to come pick me up and this random (possibly) homeless man came walking by. He's about 50 something, scruffy hair, and a thick beard. I've seen him before and he likes to walk and then stop and stare at his surroundings and then walk and stop again....over and over. How he ever gets anywhere is amazing to me. It must take him like 30 minutes to walk 10 feet. He is really odd and I kind of feel sorry for him and freaked out by him all at the same time. He walked passed and I smiled and he gave me an odd silence of the lambs I'd like to kill you and make a suit out of your skin type look and kept walking.

Very, very creepy.

He got about 5 feet away from me and then he stops. He stopped right at the brick half-wall that surrounds my job's front door. He stares at it and then (you'll never guess what this nut did) he puts his finger to his nose and blows the hugest snot rocket I've EVER seen. I mean it was like a water hose shooting out of his nose and the sound it made was disgusting! He blew it on to our brick for reals yo he really did! Like FOR REALLY real! Right in front of me even! Then he wipes his hand on his coat and keeps walking. It's like he was saying EFF YOU to doggie daycare...WITH A COPIOUS AMOUNT OF SNOT! It was seemingly malicious and definitely intentional...and it was definitely YUCK. I almost threw up my pancho's cheese dip and tortilla chips on the side walk.

WOW...just wow. Today was a really weird day and I am going to sleep early. I've suffered too much trauma.

p.s. snot rocket man, if by some crazy chance you are not homeless and you have the internet and you happen to love kawaii stuff and you type it in a google search and this blog comes up and you read this post (insert a big gasp for air here) please don't kill me sir. i think your camouflage winter coat was stylish even though it was very hot outside. mkay bye.

3 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

heehee made me laugh a lot

Kim said...

oh my goodness!!! don't you have to wonder what is happening in other people's brains? Is he imbalanced mentally, did something happen that he decided he was pissed at the whole world, did he do something irreversible to his brain with drugs, was he in a war that screwed him up....I wonder these things about people. You are brave- I think I might have high tailed it out of there for awhile, just in case snot came flying my way! Hope that this is just a spot of bad luck and that the weekend is great to make up for it!

Love Honor Disobey said...

'Outback Hankie'...that's what it's called when you blow snot out of your nose. Europeans do it all the's vile! Hilarious post though...made me laugh x