Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monthly Wrap Up: August '09

Here's a few things that made August grrrrrreat!


Young Avenue Deli - Curry Turkey Pita w/ Fries. Mmmm!!
Melatonin - I've been taking this on days when I need to have more restful sleep and it works wonders! I take 1.5mg and I'm zonked through the night.
Going to antique malls & thrift stores!
Turning 28 :)

Mad Men -- The vintage clothes, the dialogue, the smoking, the drinking, the sex (they have lots of it lol!), the scenery, the vintage hairstyles...I love it all! It's like watching moving art.
Red Velvet Cupcakes from Muddy's Bake Shop - OMG so good!

Johnny Cash the Pomeranian
Johnny Cash the Pomeranian -- my latest character. The boy named him that because if we ever get a real pom his name will be Johnny Cash LOL. We love that bad ass man.
Jason Mraz - I'll never get tired of hearing I'm Yours!!!
500 Days of Summer - Great movie, worth paying $$ to go see ;)
36 LAMC followers, 11 sales and 27 Hearts on Etsy, woo hoo! I love the love! And to all my faithful readers and comment leavers, thank you! much love to you! xoxoxo.

Marigold by Bao Pham (linked under "tasty blogs") -- his art is simply amazing!!
Prompt shipping -- I've ordered quite a bit of stuff of the internet lately and it's all been delivered within 3-4 days without expedited shipping. Gotta love that!
Friendly Postal Workers -- I been sending off orders left and right lately and all the ladies (and one gent) have been so friendly and nice. It makes going so pleasant!

beautiful clouds

Nice weather -- this has been the mildest summer in a while. I'm loving the breezy, sunny days with little to no humidity!!

p.s. this too!

2 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

OMG!!!!!!!! Funniest video ever- poor Charlie!! I needed that today- made my crappy day lots better- thanks Mellz!

April said...

Those fries look so good. Your pom stickers are too cute, especially his name : )
The weather has been oddly fantastic and I *still* haven't gone to see 500 Days of Summer, I know it's great.