Sunday, July 19, 2009

WIP: Greeting Cards & Envelopes

wip greetings cards
Work in Progress: The envelopes will be scored and glued...then cardstock will be hand cut and added to the back of the images...These cards are really a labor of love *whew* but the final product is so wonderful that I have a great time making them!

The list you see is my outline. It is helping me stay on track and focus on what needs to be done. It really helps me realize what the prorities are. I've been much more productive with this method. It gets all my ideas out on paper and out of my head...which clears my mind! I've always been a "to do" list kind of girl and I like being able to go down the list and check things off. Anyway, I am almost done with the greeting cards. I'm keeping some old designs but I'm working on a lot of new stuff too. I really feel like I am developing things the way I've always wanted to and it feels GREAT! Keep an eye out for all the new stuff that's hitting the shop!

In other news, I REALLY don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I hate Mondays. I hate how some weekends feel like you didn't get a weekend at all. This is how my weekend went. I got sick on Saturday. Totally TMI but it came out both ends if you know what I mean. I hate vomiting! I heaved like I drank three pitchers of margaritas by myself! (which I didn't for those of you thinking I did, lol!) *sigh* needless to say I really did not feel good on Saturday. Today I feel better and I managed to get some work done so that the whole weekend wasn't a bust. I wanted to get more charms made and I wanted to work on some miniature cakes because I haven't done 1:12 style minis in soooo long. The kawaii mins and charms have taken over my mind right now. (I hope all my mini fans aren't disappointed! I am going to make some stuff and post pics soon!) Speaking of minis, Saturday (pre-barfing) I got to show off my minis to the boy's family. They loved them. It's so great to see people's reactions. It is a reaction of wonder and amazement 100% of the time. I love that about minis. It's an art that touches people in a very special way...I love sharing my minis with people and I'm so glad so many people on the net love sharing theirs too! all together now, awwwwwww...

♥ Goodnight on that warm and fuzzy note! ♥

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April said...

Oh I'm sorry you were sick : ( Especially that kind of sick. I hope you feel better! Great cards!