Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF: *doing the 'it's the weekend' dance!*

I am SO glad it's Friday! Between people being out almost every day this week and new people not really getting the routine, it's been a hectic week at work! I came straight home from work today and made more charms. (You know it's really funny how I always complain about being "too tired" to clean after work....but I have plenty of energy for making minis and charms after work. A little backwards I think, lol.) But the reason I am so focused on this is because I am trying to work on having things in stock and ready to go over in the shop. I have about 30 of these strawberry charms ready to go. It's less stressful FOR ME to have stuff ready than 'make to order' all the time.

♥ TGIF! Enjoy your weekend ♥

p.s. posts without pictures are WEIRD.

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