Saturday, July 11, 2009

She's finally mine.

and we'll meet Monday! *jumping up and down*

In other electronic news, the boy's old printer died a while ago and I was dreading having to pick out and pay for another one. (Picking out new electronic stuff makes my head spin) The boy took it apart and tried to fix it to no avail. The print carrier was stuck to the left side and made this God awful clacking noise whenever we tried to print. I HAVE to have a printer to make my own greetings cards for the shop so I figured I was SOL and I'd have to cough up the money. Boo!

BUT WAIT! (insert dramatic suspenseful music here) The boy told his boss of the dilema and his boss had a deal for us! The boss recently bought a new printer for himself and he caught a great deal where he could give them his old printer and they would give him $50 off his order. WELL, the boss said we could take his old printer home and try it and if we liked it, he would give us the printer for $50 AND he'd give us all the BRAND NEW ink cartridges to go with it. So we brought the printer home and it is awesome! It's much nicer than our old one and it prints like a beast. I'm so happy it worked out this way!

♥ image credited to Ken Rockwell

2 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

Wow- what great timing on your printer's part! I am love with your camera- alas...I have decided to return to school so I will have to dream about one for awhile more and enjoy the pictures you take. I hope you post a bit about learning to use it!

Mellz (less apathy.more cake) said...

I will definitely post about learning to use it. It's going to be an adventure, lol! I waited a loooong time for this camera (years) so I definitely know how you feel.