Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Currently Lusting After: Littlest Pet Shop

I've been distantly obsessed with LPS for quite some time...but I don't own any of their adorable toys. I know...shame, shame! It's one of those situations where I love everything about it, but I never got around to buying anything. But that's going to change because I want to start collecting them. Their little characters are just SO stinkin' cute it makes me want to scream! (I think I may be perpetually 12 for the rest of my life, lol) They have all kinds of animals, but the dogs are definitely my favorite. Of course they have a BT character and of course I want all of these, stat!

Enter the virtual LITTLEST PET SHOP world with your very own VIP Surprise pet Boston Terrier. Find your pet’s secret code hidden in its collar – and then visit to unlock exclusive games, activities and lots of other cool surprises! (Oh that's nice Hasbro, but I just want the doll!)

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pairs (Duck and *Boxer)

Um Boxer!? *shaking head* Clearly this is a BT, Hasbro. (*Boxers do not come in black. They do come in dark brindle or seal, which is often mistaken for black, but they do not carry the gene for a true black coat. Thanks for educating me mr. internets! I did not think they came in black so I looked it up before posting.) No matter if it's a BT or supposed to be a Boxer, I'll take it anyway suckers! The duck is kinda cute too. These guys are supposed to be going snorkeling I guess. They don't really tell you on the website...maybe it's on the box?

I've wanted this one forever! It's the LPS On the Go Boston Terrier with a carrier. But I can't find it anywhere now. I should have bought it when it was available. It's sold on on toywiz and amazon, boo! Hopefully I can find it on ebay. I just love the little scarf and carrier...and it's head bobbles! Ahhh, too cute!

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GraphXGrrl said...

LPS is super cute! My daughter collects them; her fav's are the cats. Personally, I like the chihuahuas. :o)