Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bobble learns to sit...

Good girl, Bobble! ;)

She's still a WIP, but this is what I have so far. I want to add a few more touches of white markings to her arms, erase that grey dot next to her head that i forgot about, and she'll be done. I'm going to draw her in a few more positions (standing, down, play bowing, standing up on her back legs, etc.) and then make stickers and other items out of the finished product. The boy actually helped me with this one too. He gave me a few tweaking suggestions. The boy is an ar-TIST too so it was actually fun to collaborate with him a bit, hee hee.

I ordered some vinyl adhesive paper and it's GREAT but my stupid circle punch is not cutting through it very well. My circles come out jagged on one side every time. I even tried dremeling the jagged metal down on the punch but it didn't work. It's a fiskar 1.5 inch circle punch. It does okay on thinner paper but not on this heavy duty paper. I went out and bought a Martha Stewart circle cutter but it's kind of hard to use for what I want to do with it :( It got great reviews and it would work for wonderfully for scrapbooking, but for cutting out stickers it's a bit of a pill.

I could cut them by hand but that's a lot of work and it's hard on the fingers/joints. I had Zazzle.com print the stickers that are currently in my shop, but I want to print and cut them myself...it just feels more "handmade" that way...also I don't like ordering online, waiting for them to arrive, paying for shipping, and all that jazz...so I'll figure it out.

I've got all these sticker designs ready to go in the shop...now I just have to figure out how to cut them out with the least amount of stress on me, lol! It's really driving me nuts. There always seems to be one friggin' major snag in every project I do. (Why is that I wonder? hmmmm) Is there a really simple way to do it that I'm overlooking? Anyone who can recommend a circle punch or cutter that really works well, shoot me a comment or email, PAHLEASE! I'm going to Michael's tomorrow to return Martha's cuter and buy another circle punch that I think may work...

p.s. I ordered adhesive die-cut circle labels which are pre-scored so all you have to do is print the design right on them and they're ready to go. There is only one company I've found that makes the size I need. Well, I got an email today and they are out of the size I want, OF COURSE! They also told me they are considering discontinuing them because of lack of interest...OF COURSE!!!!! If anyone knows of a site that sells 1 to 1.5 inch die cut circle labels, share the love! I've searched with no luck...but I haven't had much time to do a thorough search so they may be out there and I just don't know it. Lord, I really feel like I'm rambling today so bye, lol.

p.p.s I know Bobble only has 3 toes. I just like it that way! ( just incase anyone was wondering if she lost some toes in a tragic "gasoline fight" accident...two points for the first person to guess what movie that's from!)

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