Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miniature Love: Lemon Cane Success!

This is how it all begins. (flat and over an inch in diameter)

Then you start pinching the center and pulling to reduce it...
Voila! (and yes I skipped hella steps, lol. You just keep pinching and pulling and eventually roll it into this...a CANE! whoop!
Then you can bake and slice (or slice and bake depending on what you're making) your cane and make yummy things like such.
candied lemon tart-a-lisciousness!

The cane is not perfect by ANY means but I am so proud of it anyway! I have tried to make canes in the past and they came out look a hot ass mess, LOL. I think using the Premo clay, which holds it's firmness better than SculpeyIII really helped. Stay tuned because I know I'm going to go cane crazy! They're such a challenge to make but it's so fun when you actually get it close to right ;)

p.s. Did you notice my Sesame Street mat? I got it from Target for $1. I love it and should have bought more! :) I need to post a full picture of it because cookie monster and abby cadabby are on there too! also, I combing melly vs the cupcakes blog w/ this blog again. They just couldn't stand being apart any longer, so NOW you can learn more about my life and my business all in the same place. SCORE for you, my dear readers ;)

2 lovely readers said...:

Vane said...

Congratulations!!! Looks great!!!

Hugs from Madrid


Mellz said...

Thank you Vanesa and thanks for following LAMC!