Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving yall!

I hope everyone is enjoying their turkey (or tofurkey for all my vegetarian friends out there)...

I suppose on Thanksgiving you are supposed to list everything you are thankful for, so here goes:

  • COLOR - I love color. It makes me happy. I painted an old bookcase with a few different colors and one of them is a shade of yellow (called Summer Squash.) Every time I look at it, I feel hopeful. I really believe in the power of colors to heal and inspire...and as an artista, I believe color can fix just about anything. So here's to you're having the best week ever (in my life anyway).
  • Beatrix Kiddo - (aka Bebe, aka my little babushka, aka Toots, aka my little banana monkey, aka Beebs, Beebles, aka whatever else we tend to call her) Words cannot express how grateful I am for you every day. I know I get upset with you sometimes when you act extremely psycho or lick me directly in the mouth, but I love you doggie. You always show me love, unconditionally. You're almost always happy and your butt is a constant wiggle. You've shown me that Boston Terriers are without a doubt the best breed out there. You've shown me that I have the ability to care for something without fucking it up royally (as I sometimes do). I've been able to train you to do amazing things and this has helped me with patience, diligence, and consistency. You taught me that I CAN do it, if I put my mind to it. I love you are my world and you prove to me every day that dogs do have feelings, emotions, and a wild sense of humor. You aren't "just a dog" are my child (albeit a hairy one) and you're also pretty ridiculously cute...thank you for letting me be your mommy!
  • Growth and change - I've grown a lot this year and I'm realizing just how strong I am. I deal with a lot of bullshit. On a daily basis, my ability to cope with stress is tested. I have issues of all kinds internally and externally but I continue to press on. I feel like I am inching closer and closer to being who I was truly meant to be. That feeling keeps me going when I feel like giving up. I'm working toward having a life that is truly a reflection of ME. Hopefully I'll get there by 30, lol.

These are the things I'm truly thankful for in this moment. Of course there are more but I'm supposed to be getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with the boy's family...which will require doing something to my hair and finding something to wear. Boo.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoys their time with loved ones. To my's been too long. I feel like time has created a rift that can't be mended. I love you all regardless...I just don't know how to make things I make due. I hope that next year, things might be different...I know you may never read this but it doesn't hurt to write it down anyway.

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