Sunday, November 16, 2008

Doggie Love: Vaccinations and such.

The little banana monkey had to get her shots yesterday. She was SO excited to go to the vet. She is a freak. Most dogs hate the vet. This is a classic man-dog ritual,right? Right. But my dog? Of course....she LOVES the vet. Even the vet commented on how much she loves the vet. She is a happy dog to say the least.

As soon as we get out of the car and she realizes where we are, the butt wiggling marathon begins. Upon entry we see mild scrambling of vet techs, receptionists and vets... on their way here and there, they all fawn over her...talking baby talk and what not.

She is cute, I must admit. Like a little baaabbyyy, lol.

While we wait for the doctor, Bebe usually stares out of the door at passers by. She whimpers and whines. She sits and squirms...her whole body is a fidgit. It's funny to see her in a sit position vibrating around the floor like one of those wind-up toys. She wants to get to every single person or dog possible. After all they might have a treat or tell her how cute she is...the dog might want to play! (or fight)

We only frustrate her by making her stay and wait. Oh what evil parents we are, lol.

Our vet is Dr. Debes. She's awesome. She's always smiling and I love that about her. Sarah is usually our vet tech. She has bright reddish pink hair. Bebe lovvveesss Sarah. (Sarah gives her treats. You'd think the little scamp has never been fed.) My little trooper took all over her shots like a champ. In fact she didn't even realize it was going on half the time. She was too busy licking Sarah all over the face to realize sharp needles were being stuck in her skin. (Same obliviousness happened when she got her temperature taken last time we were at the vet. They stuck a hard, foreign object up her ass hole and she had no clue...or at least no visible reaction...FREAK!)

Anyway, when we came home she was visibly lethargic. I hate shots, but they are a necessary evil I suppose. She spent most of the day under the covers looking smooshy and cute.

I took advantage of her stillness by snapping some pics...these are from yesterday and today. (and yes she wore her shirt for 2 days straight. she loves that shirt.)

Saturday {the vaccination blues...}

Me and baby Bebe...

a glimmer of hope...

daddy snuggles make it OK.

smooshy. very smooshy.

excuse her eye booger.

Sunday {feeling a little better today}

Bebe and Ava...they run the fence together.


blooper maniac.

okay iz weady to go insides nows, ladee.

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