Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who knew I had a McCoy all this time!?

Recently I've been adoring all things circa 60's & 70's...especially when it comes to interior design. I was internet searching for Thomas because he used to have this shop here in town called Neapolitan and they carried all kinds of lovely things. I wanted to see if he had a shop anywhere near so I could go and oogle some of his wonderful creations and finds...alas he is in NY now BUT I was browsing through his site and I found this...

It's a 1972 McCoy vase from the Scandia line...vintage baby.

Guess what peeples!? I have this vase!! Guess what else!? I found it sitting next to a dumpster about 1.5 years ago I think. Some 'tard was going to throw it out...what a shame because it's a beautiful creation and now that I know what it is and who made it, it's even more precious to me :D We use it occasionally for fresh flowers but I think I'm going to find some sticks and twigs and maybe some fake berry shoots to put in it to keep it in good condition. There are some other planters that I want from this line so off to ebay & Bojo's I go ;)

This just made my day!

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