Saturday, April 2, 2011

white noise

Listening to these sounds is sooooooooo relaxing. I've always loved listening to things like fans and small motors. It's kind of hypnotic in a way. I think the low vibrations connect with the mind on a deeper level. I have been taking time lately to DISCONNECT and quiet my mind and let me tell you, I have never felt so at peace and so clear-minded. Right now I'm sitting here with only a portable fan going and the quiet is so therapeutic :) I've also been riding to work with no music on too and I think the silence really helps me to focus. All I hear is the sound of the cars and it's nice...I know it sounds weird but it's such a interesting sensation when you disconnect from things you're used to and look at yourself and your world from a new point of view.

I listened to birds and rain last night and it was so awesome! I couldn't tell if I was awake or asleep at times lol. Anyone have any good recommendations for relaxing sound/white noise sites or cds?? I want to listen to this stuff at work :P


3 lovely readers said...:

brit said...

if you have a iphone or ipod touch you can get a free white noise app I love it I fall asleep to the heavy rain every night

Blu said...

Hey, girl! Love how the fan has K for Melly KKKKKKKKKK! :D
I love Deuter or especially Liquid Mind...

Mindy said...

I have this cd:

I love to listen to rain, but here in Raleigh I don't get many rainy days so I have to make my own:)