Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I WISH I Wore Today!

 (pls ignore the fact that I'm living in 2010 apparently lol. typooos suck and I'm too lazy to fix it!)

1. tortoise shell frames (warby parker)
2. chocolate milk dress (modcloth)
3. animal print necklacke (sick for cute)
4. leather pouch (bird trouble)
5. green kicks (saucony)
6. skinny jeans (old navy)
7. green cable knit cardigan (delia's)

5 lovely readers said...:

Wish Me Luck said...

I love it! :D

Gwen said...

suuuuper cute!

jenny aka. little j. said...

Greeeeeeen. <3 Love the frames.

woodlanddreams said...

Haha, I love "what I wish I wore"...that's how I feel every day!

Mrs. April said...

That green cardigan is heavenly!