Friday, January 7, 2011

Sugar Coma

 So me and Dez went to Sonic and got one of these today! (Not together though since we live in different cities lol.) Me love you long time Sonic!!! It's sooo good and worth the fat that will collect on my ass soon. YAY!

5 lovely readers said...:

Gwen said...


and ARGH!
photobucket sucks!
it messed up my button photo (i can see looking tacky over there to the left)

i think i fixed it last night.

i hate photobucket...

Melly Kay said...

yeah photobucket gets on my nerves too. it is fixed now though :D

GraphXGrrl said...

haha, I think it's awesome we both tried this today.

After I recover in a few days I just might have to go and get another one!

Too bad we're in different cities; I would love to share my sugary adventures with you! :)

Stevie said...

Oh damn, I know where I'm going tonight!! We just got a Sonic here, and we still haven't been yet!!

Jingle said...

We don't have them out here and BOY do I miss them!!! That looks