Monday, November 29, 2010


So re-design? Nope. More posting? NOPE! Yeah I suck right now LOL ;) But I've been sooooooooo busy. Here's a typical day for me lately:

6 am - stumble out of bed and go to work
6:30 - 4:00 pm - WORK (doggie daycare - 2 hour lunch that I usually use to run errands or work on commissions. I might eat some days if I have time :/)
4:15 pm - 12ish am - come home, work on commissions,  eat,  clean, laundry, shower, respond to emails, try to spend time with the boy, etc. basically I try to cram everything I need to do into an insanely short amount of time before.

I curse all of you highfalutin indie bitches who get to do it full-time! (I really love you though :P) I SO wish I could customize Blythes full-time...I'd be a lot less stressed and I'd have time to blog. Some one tell the boy to let me be a stay-at-home Melly, k?? If that doesn't work, maybe I'll take up speed? If I didn't need to sleep I'd be okay, lol.

Total semi-related tangent, remember that episode of "Saved by the Bell" when Jessie is on the caffeine pills?? Zack tried to take them from her and she gets all junky mad and says she needs them to sing and then she was all like: I'm so excited! I'M SO EXCIIIIITED! I'M SO...........SCARED *hysterical crying* 

WOW...just wow.
(but it is fun to scream that randomly haha)

For the un-Saved By the Bell  crowd who didn't see this episode, here it is for your viewing pleasure. THANK YOU MR. INTERNETS!!!

:D more posts soon. hopefully. yeah.

p.s. I have a Diana Mini camera (exactly like the one I "gaveaway") for sale if anyone in the US wants it!  Please email me if you're interested. It's new, never removed from the box even! :D

4 lovely readers said...:

i-zilla said...

haha i TOTALLY remember that episode. perhaps you should skip the drugs and build a super awesome robot of yourself (melly-bot) to help you get everything done!

bee. said...

Ouch, your day sounds so busy. Thanks for your email the other week about the camera by the way. How long does it take to be delivered after it's been dispatched do you know?

wichser studio said...

I think everyone and their mamas remember this episode!

BTW, you've been tagged! Share 7 see wth I'm talking about, check out my blog!

Gale :)

elycia said...

oh my goodness. i quote the jessie spano caffeine pill freak out often. haha. i hear you on being super busy. some days i just want to stay in bed because i have soooo much to do. yikes!