Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Adoption Time Again! *EDIT* She's SOOOLD!

Melly Kay Custom Pinkie Swear
(this pic was a WIP picture so her scalp was not attached yet, it is now. more pictures in her flickr set: here 

♥ RBL Casual Affair base doll
♥ Nylon reroot in sugarberry and candy tuft (knot method - hair has been washed/conditioned)
♥ face-up: painted lids (acrylic paint on her lids: pink with white polka dot design, gloss glittery varnish top coat, pink pastel lip color)
♥ nostril & philtrum carving
♥ 4 new sets of eye chips: brown, 2 tone pink/clear w/ glittery foils, hot pink, & custom made resin sprinkle chips
♥ lip carving (pouty style)
♥ gaze correction
♥ sleepy eyes (pink pull ring & heart charm for pulls)

Things to note:
-she has minor scalp gap in the front, but most hairstyles cover it. you can probably glue it down if you want, I didn't bother.
-her hair is not thatched.
-her hair has not been evened up at the ends. (Her hair is almost down to her feet - i can even it up if you like)
-her scalp still has *small* remnants of the Casual Affair scalp color.The hair covers it but I wanted to make sure you are aware anyway.
-she is slightly over gaze corrected. simply roll eyes down a bit if needed, no biggie

(I realize you may need help understanding some of this and I'll be more than happy to explain via email. Write me at if you're interested! -MK)

THANK YOU! Pinkie's moving to Colorado, yay! -MK

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Lane said...

Hi I have a giveaway going on at my blog from my sponsor, I would love if you came to check it out :)

Anonymous said...

Those are truly cute and original!

jacque said...

i loves me some pinkie swear! she went FAST mel! congrats!