Monday, September 6, 2010

5. Sade
7. Pinback
8. M.I.A.

Pick no.9: Saul Williams
Poet, artist, musician, actor & one of the most fascinating people of our time. I just cannot understand why he doesn't get more recognition for his work. Saul is the reason I got into spoken word poetry a while back. I saw his movie SLAM on tv and. I was captivated by the spoken word in the movie! I started writing my own spoken word and even performing it at local clubs. He has been beyond inspiring for me and every time I listen to his music and really LISTEN to what he's saying, I get so motivated. Take listen to his music and if you have some time, google his spoken word. He's amazing!

Happy Monday!

2 lovely readers said...:

Courtney said...

I have one of his books of poems (She) that I bought when he was in Chicago doing one if his spoken word performances like a decade ago or something like that. I totally see you digging him!
(Granted I have never listened to his music-only poems but I'll have to give it a try!)

Melly Kay said...

I have that book :) 'said the shotgun to the head' is another great book from him. I wish I could see him perform live!